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Dragon Ball Xenoverse Full Version




Stick With The History And Let Goku Be The Most Victorious Fighter

By Beatrice Tan

On Monday, April 13, 2015

Fighting games pact with real action is undeniably one of the best selling kind of games in the market ever since. The satisfaction that players get every time they win is really indescribable especially when full efforts are applied. Most of the time, these games become part of the lives since development goes on as the interests of gamers change.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse that comes with its full version is now available for PC, Mac, PlayStation 4 and XBox among others. This is something gamers should know because this game is so popular from the time the first version came out. New animations are presented in this new version that will surely make every fanatic satisfied. What I love about the game is that the facial expression of Goku and other characters like Vegeta are remarkable every time they fight. The creativity of the makers in adding up an excellent lighting effects in the game are just so unbelievable. One new feature of the game is the freedom of players to create a character that they prefer. Users can select the gender, some physical traits and others. Users can also enjoy the game through playing with other players.

I just love the game. It’s really entertaining and is highly recommended to the Dragon Ball fanatics out there. You will surely love this game because of the effects and gameplay.


  • The storyline is so excellent
  • The lighting effects are remarkable


  • There are no new powers available



DRAGON BALL XNOVERSE FULL VERSION you can play this game online

By Finch-McAce Hans

On Thursday, November 19, 2015

This is a game you can play online, it’s a game of fighting. In this game I find it unique such that u have to choose a mentor and a master who will teach you the techniques and moves of which you will use them to play the game.

In this game you are also free to create your own character; you are also free to choose the gender and colour of many features which are physical feature.

In some cases playing this game you need the access to the internet to play the game online.


You can play the game online

You can create your own characters in the game

You can choose the race the gender and the colour of many physical features.


Fun to play



  • You can play it online.
  • It’s fun to play. It’s very interesting


  • Hs a lot of rules hence tired as the first player into the game to play



Explore the universe of Dragon Ball like you never did before

By Ellie Teller

On Tuesday, September 22, 2015

Dragon Ball Xenoverse is the last installment of the legendary saga. This game drinks from the previous titles to create the ultimate fighting experience as well as a complete travel through the most memorable moments of the TV show. The game is set in a fictional city, but thanks to a time machine you will be able to revive these epic moments.

One of the coolest things is the fact that you have to create your own character, customizing its physical appearance, its race and gender. After this, you get to choose a mentor that will teach you new techniques, and not only that, you will also forge a strong bound with your mentor, which will result in him helping you in difficult battles. Of course you will also be able to fight against real people online while you are in Toki Toki city, so get ready for some PvP action.


  • A huge game full of details and epic moments from the TV show
  • You can create and customize your own character


  • Dragon Ball is flawless, deal with it




For what are you going to use the program?
  • to play a mod playthrough of this amazing dragon ball game which is already great looking on normal standers, but the mod play through will see things i wanted to

  • entertainment fun hours of storyline plotting i am a huge fan of the series so playing the game would mean a lot and i have always wanted to see it

  • play it on my playstation for my little brother because he loves dragon ball and i dont know where to get the game so i found this website .

  • dbxv 2!dragonball z is life without it im nothing but anthor human so want this game to love n cherish it forever because im a SSGSS GOD CHOZU

  • i am going to use this game to have fun i can't wait to fight other players online do parralel quests with them and go through the story mode :D

What similar programs have you used?
  • MineCraft,Skyrim,Roblox and a lot more game but i cant spell it name I played games like dragon ball z but not this one i am trying to get it

  • nothing i use nothing because i just picked a random website and this is it and try to download dragon ball xenoverse for free cause its cool

  • none. but I really hope this one works on my laptop because I wolve to finally have a chance to play this game and create my very own character

  • similar porgarms i have used are utorrent and others like kickasstorrent to download games but they never work this i hope it works out for me

  • utorrent and all these other virus programs that doesn't help and end up giving me a virus that isn't even necessary on my pc so i used this program to see if it would work

What do you like most about this program?
  • DragonBall Z Is my most favorite fighting game!!! I would like to download this file so I may relive me childhood memories. Thank you so much

  • To have fun playing this game obviously. idk man what am i even saying now this is just to fill this character limit thing almost done so close there

  • fast and free its very nice and smooth as far as i know no glitches the name is pretty cool too also they always have what you want when you need it

  • it brings anything i like specially ,they are more games than i expected.I use to download any game here because its faster than the others.

  • i like that you can create your own custom character and be able to use it to corret history and not have it distorted from the main etangonists


Dragon Ball Xenoverse is a fighting game developed by Dimps (the creators of the Budokai series) and published by Bandai Namco Games. It is available for Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, and for the first time for a Dragon Ball game, it is also available for the next-gen consoles PlayStation 4 and Xbox One as well as PC. After the unsuccessful latest games of the saga, the creators have wanted to come back to the beginning. For this reason, Dimp is in charge of the development of this fighting game. Bear in mind that the Budokai installments were the most successful ones.

Thanks to the powerful new consoles, Dragon Ball Xenoverse will be displayed in 1080p, what makes a great difference in regards to the former titles. However, before you download Dragon Ball Xenoverse, do not expect amazing HD graphics, because Dragon Ball Xenoverse does not have them. But do not worry, they have used the next-gen consoles to include completely new animations, scenery destruction, dynamic light effects, and especially, very detailed facial expressions. You will be free to see how Goku punches Vegeta and focus on their pain gestures.

Another important thing they have been developing carefully is the physics. The environments are destroyed more realistically than the previous titles. They have used the Havoc engine to create the destruction of the scenarios. Therefore, you can expect a good spectacle when you start fighting, as well as with the especial powers that the characters have. The display of the Kamehameha or the Genkidama is more than amazing.

Story and Gameplay

The plot of this fighting game tells a parallel story in the argument of Dragon Ball. Something awful has occurred, and Goku is summoned by the Supreme Kai of Time to fix it. You will visit the fictional city of Toki Toki, where you will travel in time to different moments of the TV series thanks to a time machine. Trunks, as the time traveller par excellence, is in charge of guiding you on your journey. This way, you will have to make the universe come back to normality.

They have used the Havoc engine to create the destruction of the scenarios

In order to achieve this, you will have to choose a mentor and master to teach you all the techniques. You will be free to learn new moves and form a deep relationship with your master. This introduces a new gameplay since you can change your master the moment you want, but he will get upset. The master will not only teach you new moves and techniques, but also he will help you in some combats, and if you have a good relation with him, he will help you more.

As mentioned, thanks to the time machine you will be able to visit the most important moments of the TV series. Your mission consists of avoiding changing history. For this purpose, you will have to help Goku and company, or even support their rivals. Take into account that, for example, if Goku had not failed the combat against Raditz, he would not have been trained by Kaio to successfully face Vegeta.

Dragon Ball Xenoverse Full Version Features

In this section, you can check out the fantastic features of Dragon Ball Xenoverse:

  • You are free to create your own character: choose the race, the gender, the color and many physical features
  • Interesting storyline based on the Dragon Ball universe
  • Ability to fight other players online in Toki Toki city
  • Ability to interact with some of the most famous scenes of the TV series
  • Improved physics to make all the chaos and havoc in the sceneries more realistic
  • Available for the current-gen consoles, the next-gen ones, and PC
  • Cell Shading technique for the graphics

You can visit the official website if you want to know more information about Dragon Ball Xenoverse before you download it to your PC.

System Requirements

The minimum system requirements your PC need to download and play Dragon Ball Xenoverse are listed below:

  • Operating System: Windows Vista or later versions
  • Processor: AMD Athlon 64 X2 5200 @ 2.6 GHz, Intel Core 2 Duo @ 2.4 GHz or better
  • RAM Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: ATI Radeon HD 3870, NVidia GeForce 8800 or superior
  • Sound Card: compatible with DirectX 9.0c
  • Hard Drive Space: at least 10 GB available on your PC