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Total Domination - Reborn 3.9.2

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By Hande Njr

On Tuesday, June 9, 2015

This is a massively multi-player Online Role Playing game. It is a product of Plarium Global ltd and it is free of charge thus it won’t cost you anything. It is a mobile device game that is available for the following platforms which are IOS and Android. This game prompts the gamer to do a lot of decision making because the game is basically a military strategy game that has nice graphics that are good enough for the mobile device platforms that they were designed for. The gamer gets the opportunity to be a commander and lead troops to battle. Of course a lot of games are always releasing mobile versions but the main issue is the actual functionality of that game when it is on the mobile platform, because the gamer expects the game to be playable in a more or less manner like on other platforms. Basically Total Denomination has been able to satisfy the curiosity.


  • it won't cost you anything.
  • It has a nice concept.


  • The graphics are just standard.
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Based on one of those popular Facebook games that probably have reached you in your social network in the form of a friend notification, Total Domination – Reborn. This title takes the social and casual game mechanics and makes little changes for adapting it to the new interface. This MMO game is available free to download for mobile devices that run Android and iOS systems.

As in most military strategy game of war, you will have to take the role of the commander of a tiny force in a desert, waiting to be conquered by those skillful enough to overcome other players. Get into the battle and use all your resources and skills to manage the city and your new army.

Get into the battle and use all your resources and skills to manage the city and your new army

Graphically speaking, the design of the different buildings of your city is clearly influenced by classics of the futuristic universe genre like Starcraft. Visually, the game is groundbreaking in the context of mobile strategy titles, making good use of your device’s resources with an optimized software development. The animation of your troops is simple, but acceptable, especially when it comes to the battle.

Together we are stronger
Together we are stronger


The difference between a PC version and this new edition for mobile devices is basically the interface in which it is played, determining the control scheme. You will have to build your city through simple taps on free parts of your base. For building your base, you will need resources like Titanium that are available for creating mines for its extraction or raiding different points on the map.

The creation of your base will require a balance between attacking and defending structures. This way you can create buildings for training troops, for researching and developing new technologies, or just creating defensive towers against the attack of other players. Each action you take will take time, and to fully develop your base will take you close to eternity without using in-app currency.

Once you feel powerful enough to get out there to fight against other players, maybe is time to forge alliances with some friends. Gathering forces alongside your teammates will enable coordinated attacks, being able to conquer new territories, evident the game’s title, Total Domination - Reborn. Start the war in this devastated desert land and use all your military strategy against your enemies in this standalone downloadable title.

Explore the whole world map
Explore the whole world map

Total Domination - Reborn 3.9.2 Features

These are the main features listed for Total Domination - Reborn in mobile devices:

  • Show your military strength off to the world in this MMORTS game in the giant wasteland warfare following the storyline
  • Great in-game graphics and general game design with classic sci-fi elements
  • Create an army with more than 30 different kinds of troops like Air Force, Armor Corps, Infantry and Artillery depending on their devastating effectiveness
  • Research technology developments to completely strengthen your army for combat
  • Get additional bonuses such as resources and troops doing daily movements
  • Do invasions and conquer new territories occupied by your enemies and fight against other clans
  • Obtain rewards from Global Missions in which your role will be to save the post-apocalyptic world
  • Multiplayer PVE and PVP immersive game modes in real-time gameplay

Discover more information about this Total Domination - Reborn title visiting its official game’s site .

Train your troops for an awesome army
Train your troops for an awesome army

System Requirements

These are the minimum resources for the download of Total Domination – Reborn:

  • Operating System: Android 4.0, iOS 6.1 or later
  • Size: 71.8MB free available space