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By Hande Njr

On Monday, August 24, 2015

This is a game created by crystal Dynamics together with Nixxes Software and it is distributed by Microsoft studios and Square Enix. It falls under the action adventure group of games and it is tailor-made for Xbox one and Xbox 360 console users but there is a likelihood that it may be available on other platforms later on, thus Playstation and Personal computers. It game mode is single player. Basically it is a release after Tomb raider Reboot. The game being a combination of action and adventure then as the gamer there is a lot to be enjoyed. In terms of game play, of course it is greatly improved than the prior Tomb raider Reboot thus the individuals and weather setting. It is set in Siberia where the main characters are Lara croft and Jonah Maiava, notably in this game Lara has the ability to swim. The graphics are amazing and you can even see the tiniest of details being presented in the greatest way possible. It has that near reality appeal that most gamers, professionals or amateurs are mostly looking for. Generally it is a wonderful action packed game that anyone should enjoy.


  • It has a good story line.
  • It has very nice graphics.


  • It is currently exclusive to two platforms.



Lara Croft returns in this new adventure full of new challenges

By Pablo Conde Ferrer

On Thursday, January 7, 2016

If something is Rise of the Tomb Raider it is the virtue of offering various proposals playable well balanced each other and the ability to divert from the outset. With a high rate of game, an outstanding weight of platforms and exploration on aggregate play and endless gadgets and possibilities in the hands of Lara Croft, the new release of Eidos is what one can and should expect a sequel. Added new mechanical Aquatic Those sections have been polished and expanded other proposals such as the defendants graves, they noted for quantity and variety among them. An adventure that certainly does not revolutionize the genre, but excellently done almost everything proposed: have many jumps, exploration, puzzles, stealth, shootings and Hollywood moments, well mixed and without major cracks highlight. Recovers part of the essence of the past and knows how to use the concepts of modern adventure without falling into a salad or anything constant gunfire. True, the times of shots could be better in many details and some of the puzzles of the plot could be more demanding, but overall the game Lara Croft is the demonstration that the new Lara is here to stay long time.


  • Mechanical balance where gunfights are not most important
  • Several ways of addressing the same situation


  • The enemy IA has some strange behavior




For what are you going to use the program?
  • personal enjoyment and fun gameplay ive played every tomb raider game since the release of the first one.i think this is the best series ever

  • for fun where i will be playing the game everytime i am free from my daily work and with friends and family i hope to experience the best of all

  • We are a famous detective who solved countless cases using his cunning and powers of observation. After the events in the Ravenhearst Manor (whose outcome will not say if you want to try), we are involved in a snowstorm when coming home, what makes us stop in a small Celtic town: Dire Grove.

  • For recreation. I play video games on most of my free time but can't always afford to buy a sixty dollar game. I enjoy the series very much.

  • personal gaming and enjoyment because we love lara croft and we nee to play everyday instead of going to work in th ecold winter weather happ

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Rise of the Tomb Raider is an action adventure platform game developed by Crystal Dynamics and Nixxes Software, and published by Square Enix and Microsoft Studios. It is the sequel of the acclaimed Tomb Raider reboot in 2013, and this time, it is exclusive to Xbox 360 and Xbox One. Nevertheless, users of PC and PlayStation do not worry, this exclusiveness is just temporary, and the videogame will be released for these platforms in a non-determined time.

Now, Lara Croft is back with her second epoque after her rebirth in the former title, and she does it with a journey around the world that begins in Siberia. The fact is that our young and pretty adventurer does not ever stop, and this time, her journey leads her to some of the most inhospitable locations on the Earth. Siberia is where the most intriguing treasures are hidden, and of course, we all know that mysterious treasures are what moves Lara. However, when you undertake a journey for the quest for the spring of the eternal life, you know your journey will not be a quiet one.

The graphics and sound aspect meet the expectations of the players in regards to the next-generation games. Once you download Rise of the Tomb Raider, you will be able to see all the facial details of Miss Croft, and also her clothes, weapons, movements, and everything you would see as if it were a movie. The environment is not lagging behind; you will be able to explore a huge map (several huge maps, in fact) in which everything is lively, in constant motion and full of details.

Amazing landscapes
Amazing landscapes


The environment of this game will be another character in itself. The way Lara interacts with it has changed a lot compared to the previous release. Now, she is free to climb trees, hide behind bushes, dive in the underwater sections of the map, etc. The resources you can get have been increased and improved. You can collect plants, minerals, metals, clothes to fight the cold, relics, etc., and you can mix them all to create new components of your tool set and improve the tools you already have.

This time, her journey leads her to some of the most inhospitable locations on the Earth, Siberia

Hunting has a very relevant role in this release since for example, an improvement can require the skin of a determined wolf, and this kind of wolf is only available at a specific time of the day, with a determined weather, and in a determined location. The action scenes have been also improved; the developers have created new mechanics to offer new alternatives in the fights. The open world, as well as the new mechanics, offer multiple possibilities such as diving into a lake and surprizing an enemy by sinking him or her into the water.

However, do not worry; even though it is focused on shooter gameplay, there are also the puzzles and mysteries so typical of the Croft saga. The tombs have also returned to the gameplay, and the puzzles have increased its complexity to the point of making the players think, but without getting them frustrated. Tombs will be bigger, and full of secrets to solve. The physics of the objects have an important role to complete the tombs successfully.

Rise of the Tomb Raider Full Version Features

In this section, you are free to check out the main features of Rise of the Tomb Raider:

  • Exclusive for Xbox One (at least temporarily)
  • New level of interaction with the environment:
  • You will be free to visit different locations: a city, Siberia, etc.
  • Mixed gameplay: there are shooter elements, without forgetting about classic puzzles
  • Tombs are back!
  • Incredible HD graphics to enjoy every aspect of the game

You can visit the to read more information about this game before you download it to your console.

System Requirements

Here, you can see the minimum system requirements to download and play Rise of the Tomb Raider in your console:

  • Operating System: Xbox 360, Xbox One