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become a piece of bread and become toasted this is very funny

By Kevin Kimaita

On Monday, September 21, 2015



This game is quite very funny and when I downloaded it for the first time I could not clearly get it but later I had to get it I mean how cool is this. You as the player you are a piece of bread in this game I mean can you imagine and then you are supposed to make yourself be able to be toasted so that no one can be able to eat you and then the controls of the game are very simple and you can be able to control the corners of the slice of bread then move around the house and then you can also decide to toast yourself.


The following are the features of I am bread full version

Become a piece of bread as a player.

Control all the sides of the piece of bread.

Easy controls of the slice of bread.


I mean this game is just very funny it left me in stiches.


  • the game left me laughing all along
  • the controls are very simple


  • the graphics are very poor




By Annie Ann

On Friday, April 10, 2015

For the foodies like me out there, here’s our fun filled game! You can now become a slice of bread and determine your edibility and deliciousness! What’s more, you get to live the life of a slice of bread and have a feel of how it is, right from the slicer to the toaster (if you are lucky to get to the toaster).

The journey begins from the slicer where your main aim is to find something with which you can toast yourself with without becoming so filthy as not to be eaten. The game has an edibility bar which depletes as you get filthy, so you should avoid dirty surfaces as much as possible or the game will end with the words ‘you are not a toast’ when this gets to 0%!

You can also increase your points by increasing your deliciousness if you touch butter, jelly, lettuce or any other condiments. You will enjoy manipulating your slice of bread by sticking on surfaces with any corner of the slice. However, you have to land on a level surface before the grip time ends and you fall!

The game which has been developed and published by Bossa Studios is available for download on PC, Mac and IOS mobile devices.


  • • Funny game play where anything can happen
  • • Has colorful graphics and an interactive map
  • • You can toast yourself with a variety of items such as the hairdryer, oven, stove or even a toy rocket


  • • The controls are clumsy and you can easily get your toast filthy.
  • • The graphics are quite simple and can be boring as events are repetitive




By Hande Njr

On Monday, April 6, 2015

It is hilarious how you can become a slice of bread, the developers of this game Bossa studios Ltd went out of the usual way of thinking in the techie world to give us a great product that is unique in its own way. In this game you get to be toasted. It is available for iOS mobile gadgets as well as Mac and Personal computers users. On the interface you begin on what looks like a ceramic tile top with a breadboard a bread and a knife and you have to slice the bread into slices one of the objectives of this game is to keep the slice of bread edible thus on the interface there is the timer icon as well as the edibility and deliciousness percentage of the slice of bread. At first it will be hard but over time as the gamer you will get used to keeping the bread edible. The slice of bread can be moved around by being carefully held on any of its four corners which has to be done carefully to avoid dropping it thus dropping its edibility status which is the key aspect which if it gets to zero percent then the game will automatically be over. Your deliciousness level can be spiced up by adding additives live butter or jelly. The graphics are average but the concept is amazing.


  • The game has an amazing concept.
  • It is available on various platforms.


  • The graphics in the game are wanting.




For what are you going to use the program?
  • my son to play at home. I will not be sharing ot giving it to anyone. I dont want to purchase and then after 2 hours he no longer wants to p1

  • I want to download this program because it seems really fun and so that when i feel lonely and have nothing to do i just bring out my laptop and start playing

  • to play the i am bread game because i am bored so yeah thats what im gonna do with this program p.s. @hafahanna on vine and instagram hit me up

  • Playing, having fun, wasting time, being a slice of bread for a while because although I have other things to do with my life I prefer to waste it with this

  • to record on youtube for a funny video plus im a broke hoe who cant afford to buy it sadly which is why i downloading this game form here...

What similar programs have you used?
  • pokemon assorted adventures and i loved it i really have it was a flash game, I almost completed it then my computer done died, im stoked for more

  • I havent used any similar programs. it is totally original. I now musttype space filling words if i want to continue so here i am, just typing.

  • I have used none of these programs before, obviously my brain had a little problem since Ive got hurt by a police car and Im lookin for someting that can help me out

  • for gaming and maybe a youtube channel called dr.dribbleclouds which so far only has one video so far but i'm going to make more videos so th

  • Goat Simulator and really nothing else but you made me right more characters and is still have 43 left so i am just going to keep typing until i dont have anymore

What do you like most about this program?
  • because i like those little independant games like this. thank you for reading my futur letter but now i want to download the game exactly now

  • that you dont make peeple giv their fonenumbers others do so and then hack your fone been burned before you know wow this is long is it an s.o

  • it is really fun you are a piece of bread and you try to be toast it also has hard controls but i like it that way sometimes it makes me hungry

  • free download. please don't have commercials or make me put down my address and personal information. if i don't have to do that, it'll be a perfect program. i will fall in love with you.

  • the design is full of fun. i am appreciating the designer and i saw some players posted the video on Youtube. It make me want to play together


I Am Bread is an indie adventure simulator developed and published by Bossa Studios (the creators of Surgeon Simulator). It is available for PC, Mac and iOS mobile devices. The game is, no more and no less, what the title says, a bread simulator; you will have to become a lively slice of bread whose only purpose on its strange life is to be toasted.

Here your adventure starts
Here your adventure starts

However, becoming a piece toast is not as easy as it seems, after all, you are a slice of bread, and your movements are not very gracious. This way, the controls are the most difficult thing of I Am Bread. The first time you download it and start using it, your slice of bread will become filthy and its edibility will reach 0% very soon. Nevertheless, do not worry, once you get used to it, you will be free to travel through the whole house and keep on being tasty. The clumsy controls remind us of the former game of the company, Surgeon Simulator.

In regards to graphics, they are quite simple, but they carry out their mission. There are no lags, yet the physics are not the most realistic you can find, though they are good enough to make you play without getting desperate. The sceneries are the rooms of a house (bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, etc.), and you can interact with almost everything in your way.

Avoid the WC!!!
Avoid the WC!!!


As I already said, your main objective is become a piece of toast without getting so filthy you cannot be eaten. You are free to control each corner of the slice separately, and each corner can stick to almost any surface. You have to have the necessary coordination to move your slice without falling to the floor, the water, or any dirty surface. Your main mission will be to find something with which you can toast yourself. Of course, the easy solution is to reach the toaster, but you can also become toasted with the vitroceramic hob, with a hairdryer, with the lamps, with the oven, with the stove and even with a toy rocket.

The game is, no more and no less, what the title says, a bread simulator

You will have to control your level of edibility. It is displayed on a bar in the screen. At first, you have 100% edibility, but if you move around the house and you touch the floor, ants, the cat's litter or anything that gets you dirty, the percentage will be lower. If you reach the 0%, the game ends with the message "YOU ARE NOT A TOAST". There is also another thing to take into account in the gameplay. There is a level of deliciousness that gives you extra points. You can increase your deliciousness by touching butter, lettuce, jelly, or other condiments.

There is also another thing to take into account. Your slice of bread is not the Hulk and it does not have a unlimited strength. I Am Bread has a level of grip that you will have to bear in mind to accomplish your mission. Therefore, your slice cannot be gripped to the wall for an unlimited period of time. You will have to reach the top of the table, hob, or any surface before the Grip bar depletes.

You can toast yourself in the frying pan
You can toast yourself in the frying pan

I Am Bread Full Version Features

In this section, you can read up on the eccentric features of I Am Bread:

  • Learning curve that is adapted to every kind of player
  • Troy Baker (Batman: Arkham Origins, The Last of Us, Bioshock, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain) will give the voice to the slice of bread
  • Funny gameplay in which almost everything can happen
  • You can improve your deliciousness by rolling around jelly, butter…
  • Colorful graphics and a map in which everything is interactive
  • Funny soundtrack to entertain you while you play

If you like I Am Bread and you want to know more information about this game before you download it to your PC, you can to visit the developer’s official website .

System Requirements

Here you can find the minimum system requirements that your PC needs to download and play I Am Bread:

  • Operating System: Windows 7 or later versions
  • Processor: Intel or AMD @ 2.4 GHz
  • RAM Memory: 2 GB RAM
  • Graphics Card: NVidia GeForce GTS 450 or superior
  • Sound Card: compatible with DirectX 9.0
  • Hard Drive Space: at least 500 MB free on your PC