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By Hande Njr

On Monday, August 24, 2015

This is a product of 343 industries, and it is distributed by Microsoft it is a release among the Halo group of games and it comes after Halo 4 and is yet to be released to the market. It is basically a first person –shooter game specifically for X box one, The exclusivity of this particular game to X box one is an ongoing norm which I can’t blame them because it is common to even other companies making their games exclusive to certain platforms. It will be available both on single-player and multi-player options. The graphics are wow!! because I cannot find a better word to describe a display of 1080 p at sixty frames per second. If you have that for the graphics as a gamer I simply don’t know what else can be a downside to this game considering the fact that Halo games have a fascinating storyline and an amazing Gameplay. In this one as the name suggests, it is the your task to be among the guardians of the galaxy after a surprise attack on the colony where Master chief petty officer john is nowhere to be found. Therefore Spartan Locke’s duty to find out what is going on thus developing a plot for the game.


  • It is fun to play it.
  • It has very nice graphics.


  • It requires a lot of memory.




For what are you going to use the program?
  • entertaining my bros because they are really bored and our playstation is spoilt so i feel like a nice multiplayer game will cheer them up thank you

  • I am going to Use it for fun because I love playing games and halo has been one of my best games ever.So this is just for the gaming pleasure

  • for fun and entertainment. it is a great game with deep sci fi mystery and actions. hd graphics which enhances the gaming experience for us.

  • to play halo 5 guardians and have fun and wining the game with frends if thay like me just if so as it has so much of cool wepens skins monsters

  • For great gaming experience and see how does it workes downloading and pay via interner. Just wana take part and participate in this vast sea of internet

What similar programs have you used?
  • another site i used was microsoft but didnt work for my pc so im trying to get it on here to see if i can play it and experence this awesome game

  • Halo Combat evolved is similar to tis game in many aspects including the weaponry, but this is much more advanced than any other of it's games so far.

  • i think this game will be downloaded in my computer like halo 5: guardians full version,halo 2,and many more awesome games created by halo,,

What do you like most about this program?
  • very fun and make me stay in home, graphic is okay. paly with ur son in home. awesome game. how can i tell if you dont have a word to say. thanks

  • the download is free as shown here. its easy reliable speedy and very efficient to use.great program recommend it to any one interested. :).

  • games to download are very good i wanna play this games with all of my friends from my hometown and i will win every game so i can become the king

  • playability sometimes multiplayer feauture is the best part because it allows you to play and fight against other players and rank yourselves with them

  • shooting aliens 1stperson shooter multiplayer characters sc-fi robots roaming around nice graphics fact you can customize your character thats it


Halo 5: Guardians is a first person shooter developed by 343 Industries and published by Microsoft Studios. It is the eleventh game in the franchise, and the sequel to Halo 4. It is supposed to be the prequel to Halo 6, and it is exclusive for the next-gen console Xbox One. Everybody knows that if there is a saga that can sell the Xbox by itself, it is undoubtedly Halo. If there is a noticeable feature of the saga, is that it has always kept the quality of its games to the highest levels of its generation. The saga offers a very deep and rich universe, and high quality gameplay (either in the multiplayer online modes or in the main campaign).

The storyline of this game, as mentioned, is the sequel to Halo 4, and it has the well-known Master Chief as the main character. After the events of Halo 4, John-117 (Master Chief) decided to leave the UNSC in the quest for answers. The ONI is worried about what the Spartan can do to obtain those answers, and for this reason, they send the Agent Jameson Locke (Spartan-IV) to hunt for him and figure out what John is looking for.

In regards to the graphics, Halo 5: Guardians is displayed in 1080p, and by the time, the game has a frame rate of 60 fps. This means that it will take the most of the next-gen console Xbox One to show the players the true capability of the system. The sound effects make everything sound as if it was a real combat because even the tiniest sound have been recorded and added to the effects. This way, bullet impacts, steps, reloading actions, and everything you can imagine has its own sound.


I have good and bad news for the players of the saga. In my opinion, it is good news, but there is always someone who does not like the changes and who prefers the classic features, and what I am about to say is completely new, at least in this saga. Once you download this release, you will see that the first great new feature is the appearance of a Jet Pack. I have said "in this saga", because the Jet Pack is not something new in sagas such as Call of Duty or Titanfall. It will be equipped by default in all the players, and it adds a plus in mobility that will allow you to easily avoid the shots and escape a grenade, for example.

The saga offers a very deep and rich universe, and a high quality gameplay (either in the multiplayer online modes as in the main campaign)

The sprint from Halo 4 is available in Halo 5: Guardians, but this time, it is unlimited and the speed increases while running. If you are running, you can perform a melee charge against an enemy and you will hit your enemy quite hard. You are free to use a slide movement that will allow you to slide in the floor and crouch. This move is very useful to change your covering without being too exposed. You are also free to use the movement Ground Down. It is the ability to jump from an appreciable height and hang in the air for some seconds while you prepare an aerial charge. In that time, you aim where you want to charge and thereupon, you are shot.

Finally, the last great new feature is something that other shooter sagas have had since several installments ago. Of course, I am talking about the ability to aim. Halo 5: Guardians have added a system of aiming and zooming in almost all weapons. You can use a trigger to aim, and the other trigger to shoot, as in the other FPS of the market. However, for those fans of "No Changes Please", you can keep on shooting from the hip, and it will be as efficient and useful as always.

Halo 5: Guardians Full Version Features

The main features of Halo 5: Guardians are listed below, check them out before you download this game:

  • Sequel to Halo 4: everything occurs after the events of that release
  • Enjoy the new functions of your Spartan and follow the story of the Master Chief
  • Ability to aim: now, you can use a trigger to aim and the other one to shoot (but you can also aim from the hip)
  • Jet Pack available for all players to get and extra boost
  • Unlimited sprint: the more time you run, the faster you are
  • Multiplayer online mode: you can play with your friends online and face enemies all over the world

If you like Halo 5: Guardians and you want to know more information about it, feel free to visit the Halo official website .

System Requirements

In this section, you can read up on the minimum system requirements to download and play Halo 5: Guardians in your console

  • Operating System: Xbox One